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Our Services

Initial Consultation (up to 30 minutes) – Free.

If you do have enough info on your emigrant relative(s) then We proceed with our research into your family, which requires an upfront

Feasibility Fee of $150.

There is no guarantee that the initial 4 hours of research will be successful. Many villages emigrated all together. During the Twentieth Century, young people moved to the big city. Southerners moved to the more affluent and industrial north. Common surnames like “Rossi “, the most common in Italy, make these moves problematic.

Below is a list of important information about your ancestor(s). Before calling for your free consultation, try putting together as much as you can. We don’t need every item listed, but…

The more information you have, including

  1. first, middle and/or baptismal names; family names plus maiden names.
  2. The immigrants ’parents’ names or possible first names since generally the grandchildren were named after their nonni (grandparents). (There could be 5 cousins in different families called, “Giovanni or Maria”.)
  3. Other important details could be date and method of travel, as well as port of departure and entry.
  4. Any significant celebrations like wedding dates, baptisms, wedding anniversaries.
  5. Names of the immigrant’s children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren with dates of birth. Any brothers or sisters who immigrated.

If we need to send a researcher into a village/town/ or different regional city, then we will need to add their documented round-trip train or bus fare, or gas mileage. Before authorizing their visit, we will consult you about cost.  Our turnaround time could be 24 hours or 3 weeks.

At that point you will receive a written report of our efforts on your behalf, and it will be up to you if you authorize more research, if necessary at an hourly rate of $35.00.

Due to Italy’s Legge sulla Privacy (1996). It is possible that your relatives will need to be contacted initially by traditional mail in order for them to sign a disclaimer that their privacy has not been compromised. We will consult you about mailing options and the number of relatives to be contacted.

Once Contact has been established:

  1. As a professional interpreter/translator, I head a team who can organize Skype video conference calls with an interpreter, regular conference calls or translate e-mails or letters. These fees vary and will depend on the media used and length of the call or message.
  2. We can help you plan your trip. Custom plan your visit with local transport, hotels/B&Bs, restaurants and all recommended by our regional consultants. Nothing is more incredible than visiting an incredible place off the usual tourist grid, known to our local consultants.
  3. If a trip to Italy isn’t in the cards, we can still help with communication. Italians love to travel and maybe they would want to make a trip to the US and stop to visit you. We can help organize the reunion.

Italian Lessons

Whether you’re in the Phoenix area, the US and Canada, or another country via Skype, we have several Italian teachers to create a custom program for you from basic everyday Italian to basic travel Italian. For those who have some notion already, thanks to Nonna and Nonno or Mamma and Papa`. We can personalize how you want to continue learning the most beautiful language on Earth!


You may think you know Italians because of your upbringing, but Italians in Italy and their customs have gone quite a different path than the traditions your ancestors brought with them to the New World. Among Italians, even different areas have different customs. We recommend before your meet up, you take advantage of an orientation with a bilingual, culturally adept facilitator from the area, you’re visiting. If a local one isn’t available then we can organize a facilitator with insight into the area, in one of the major cities you’re planning to visit.

Your orientation will cover local customs, general Italian customs, geography and history of the region, getting around on local transport,  shopping for local products,  psychological insight into the age groups you’re about to meet , and even local vocabulary; whatever you need to make the visit a success.

Your Meet Up

In the early 80’s, when I was living in Paris, I had the incredible experience of visiting my relatives in southern Sweden. Even though it was my great grandparents, who immigrated to Kansas in 1868, my Aunt had maintained communication with her Swedish cousins. I met up with an older woman, whose grandmother and my great grandmother were sisters. Although most Swedes today speak English, she didn’t, BUT, she had been a nurse in the Belgian Congo. She spoke French (my first foreign language)! She showed me the house where my great grandmother was born, the church where she and my great grandfather had been married, and the graveyard where my great great grandparents were buried. Afterwards, we met up with her niece and family (who did speak English). I had one of the most touching and memorable days of my life. Not only can you see that in the photos, but I look like one of them! This is the kind of emotional experience; I want to make possible for you.

Your meet up could be under a grapevined arbor next to their farmhouse or in the family church, in a family style trattoria in their village, or a pizzeria to show off the famous Neapolitan pizza. Our bilingual facilitator will be with you, if desired, to help the visit go smoothly and make sure you take home everlasting memories.

The possibilities are endless, so please have a look at our tour suggestions below.

Not Enough Info? Unable to find family members? Want to see more of the region or another Italian region?

We’re still here for you! Let’s say, all you know is that your ancestors were from the province of Naples. We’ll put together a tour of the province featuring typical villages, interesting sites, and culinary specialities. Imagine eating fresh buffalo mozzarella in Mondragone, (the mozzarella capital of Italy) where you can see the water buffalos along the road; or drinking lemonade, made with the giant lemons, plucked off the tree in front of you on the isle of Capri or rabbit, the centuries old specialty on the Island of Ischia. Combine the mozzarella with the famous San Marziano tomatoes in a Caprese salad and you’re getting the very best of the Naples province.  Can you imagine eating the same classic regional specialties your ancestors did? We can get you into all kinds of culinary and artisanal establishments. Maybe after your visit, you’d like to explore Bologna, the gastronomic capital of Italy, or other areas of Italy, we can offer you a similar type of visit.

Culinary Lessons

Thanks to my 2 ½ years of lessons at L’ École de Cuisine Cordon Bleu  de Paris, I have my Grande Diplome teaching certificate and pastry cert. Thanks to my 24 years in Rome learning from my beloved mother-in-law, Filomena, my husband, Giorgio, my brother-in-law, Efesio, a professional chef (now retired from a famous Rome restaurant), his wife, Fiorella, also a professional chef (now retired from a famous Rome monastery) and my 5 sister in laws: Maria, Giulia, Michela, Graziella, and Gisela, I mastered Italian cuisine. Once the family opened a trattoria/pizzeria in the early 80’s, I made all the desserts and pastries.  Before we moved to Phoenix in 2005, I had my own catering business, Sherry’s Celebrations specializing in American style celebration cakes. Here all 3 of my kids helped. I had clients from many of the Rome embassies.  I also gave private cooking lessons (my general Mediterranean class was very popular). I also did market tours, as well as, tours to unusual sites, little known by tourists. I always tied in the local cuisine and wines of Lazio.  I also have my Sommelier’s certificate from the Italian Sommelier’s Association (L’AIS). I could organize a class for 2 or for a group and can teach in different locations from Rome to Sicily. Depending on my availability, my regional consultants also have lists of trusted bilingual cooking schools.